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GENESIS Short Track Boot

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The GENESIS Short Track boot is a game-changing high-performance tool designed to bridge the gap between standard and custom footwear. This product is constructed with the same materials as our custom boot, which we have selectively sourced from around the world. Every stitch on this boot has been executed with care and as such, its appearance is far from a production product. Because the GENESIS is 100% heat moldable, users will experience a near custom fit through appropriate heat molding techniques. We consider this innovative product to be simply the best stock boot for short track speed skating today.  

Clients will not be disappointed when fitting the GENESIS for the first time. This boot is design to accept many different foot widths. The foot is cradled in genuine calf leather with the heel softly supported by our memory foam counter. The metatarsal carbon lip laminates a single layer of Thermo-CSC which becomes supple during molding customization. Use of Thermal-CSC not only ensures that the user will achieve a better fit out of the box - it also produces a custom experience at a stock price.


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